If there is one thing I've learned in the twenty years I've been back in Casper is that no matter how much I miss the big city, I do NOT miss the traffic.

There are plethora of reasons for loving the Wyoming life. This is a very family oriented state. The violent crime rate is low. As matter of fact, the crime rate is low here overall. But again, one of my favorites things is the lack of "real" rush hour traffic.

Now that school has started again, it can get semi-busy in the morning during school drop off hours, and obviously the same at pick up times. Of course, there is also the little mini rush between about 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm, but compared to any metropolitan area, it's still not that bad.

As much as I praise the lack of traffic here, there are still some very dangerous areas. There are places in and around town where it's fairly difficult to tell what color the stoplights are. For instance, the lights on the intersection of West F Street and North Poplar, by the Ramkota Casper.

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That being said, in my humble opinion, the most dangerous intersection in town, especially around dusk, is Wyoming Boulevard and 2nd Street, particularly the left turning lanes. When the sun is preparing to set, it's very low in the sky, and all the sunglasses and visors on the planet don't always help. If you're heading west bound (so away from the Eastridge Mall and Walmart), and have to attempt a left turn, you better be very careful.

  • For one, the lanes need to be repainted. Even more so then the fear of collision from oncoming traffic, is the fear of the other left turning lane! I honestly can't count how many times another driver has creeped into my turning lane.
  • For two, the sun is blinding at certain times... particularly around dusk.

Now this is me complaining on a good weather day. Add in ice, snow or sever rain, and there's a reason there's so many accidents at that spot.

I consider myself to be a fairly good driver, but I will admit, I do avoid that intersection like the plague at certain times of the day AND certain times of the year. I don't mind driving a little out of my way to ensure my safety and those of my passengers (which 85% is my children).

Do you agree or do you have another vote for a more dangerous intersection in the Casper city limits?

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