The 2014 NBA All-Star game was awesome!!! And here are the highlights from all of last night's star-studded action:

10.) We start things off with Kyrie Irving crossing-over Dwight Howard and finishing with the floater that was even too high for the big man to swat.

9.) Let's get another highlight from the East squad with this alley oop reverse dunk by LeBron James off the lob pass from... yup, Kyrie Irving.

8.) More love to the East with the same dunk that garnered him the dunk championship this year (sans the mascot he hurdled), John Wall doing it with ease.

7.) On to the West team,Chris Paul lobs one off the backboard to Anthony Davis for the dunk.

6.) Yet again, the MVP for the night, Kyrie Irving with the up and under shot for two in traffic.

5.) But Mr. MVP did have a silly turnover early which lead to this super windmill dunk from the West's Blake Griffin.

4.) First time All-star guard Steph Curry showed off the handles as he splits the D and takes it to the whole with the lay-up.

3.) On the move, James Harden in mid-jump throws the alley to Anthony Davis who finishes with the one-handed up and over dunk.

2.) Steph Curry on the in bound pass to the KD who goes up high and fast to complete the alley oop.

1.) But the top spot goes to King James for this alley oop (a lot of those in an All-Star game) switch hands, mid-air and finish with the left windmill. Why won't he enter the dunk contest already if you're doing this in game?