We have seen some real crazy close calls with bears thanks to tourists who don't understand how dangerous wildlife can be, but this one takes the cake. A couple got way too close to a mama bear and nearly paid the ultimate price.

You really need to see this to believe it. This couple came upon a mama bear with 3 cubs then portray almost exactly what you should never do if this happens to you.

Where to start? It was painfully obvious from the beginning that this mama bear had 3 cubs with her. Instead of slowly backing away and giving them space, this couple just stood there whispering to each other while the bears got closer.

My jaw really hit the floor when the mother bear approached them directly then lunged at them and these geniuses STILL just stood there. They even allowed the bear to sniff them. Wow.

The National Park Service never recommends allowing yourself to get inside of a bear sow's comfort zone. She is much more likely to become aggressive in the presence of cubs. Here is exactly what they recommend:

Be especially cautious if you see a female with cubs; never place yourself between a mother and her cub, and never attempt to approach them. The chances of an attack escalate greatly if she perceives you as a danger to her cubs.

On one hand, you should never run, but backing away slowly prior to allowing this to become a real encounter would have been wise. If anything, this video should be shared to help others understand exactly how not to handle a bear situation.

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