I feel like I need to begin this article with a little disclaimer.

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I get that there are tons of women that like to hunt, especially in Wyoming.

And not only are there many women that like to hunt but there are also many women that are phenomenal hunters and outdoors people.

I understand this, but I am NOT one of these women.

I've gone on multiple Elk hunts, one of them was a week-long late-season hunt in the mountains outside of Metesse in January...and several deer hunts as well.

It's not my thing.

I have nothing against the time it takes to get to the "right spot" or the camping. It's not even the possible terrible weather that bothers me or the killing and harvesting of the animal.


It's the terrible boredom and soul-sucking time spent getting up early to sit and stare at a spot where maybe (just maybe) a hooved creature might decide to show up. It's the sitting still and being quiet and the hunger that seems to come out of nowhere...and of course no snacks are allowed when you're sitting and staring at a stand of trees.

My husband and I came to an agreement many years ago that I would stay home while he went on his yearly hunts without me.

And, it looks like we aren't the only couple that feels like maybe the best way to hunt is apart...

I was dying at the part when the Deer joined in the conversation, that Buck has jokes, right?

And really, what IS the deal with the deer urine?!

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