A couple of young fisherman have just shared a video that shows the joys and defeats that go along with ice fishing a Wyoming reservoir in winter.

Thanks to these two for sharing a recent fishing trip.

There are a couple of takeaways I have from this video. First, I can't figure out if this is Pathfinder or a different location. They only have the camera up showing the surrounding landscapes for brief seconds. It looks to me like it very well might be, but I'm not certain.

Second, they are using a fish finder app and I want it now. I'm familiar with Deeper Smart Sonar and Fish Deeper, but don't think that's exactly what they have on their phone. Whatever they're using looks like you can practically read the mind of the fish. Like I said, I want.

They land at least 9 fish during their trip including some decent size Cutthroat Trout.

Visit Casper has some helpful ice fishing tips if you're interested in adventuring to Pathfinder or even the North Platte.

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