If you've never heard of Wyoming's cutter races, this is basically our version of chariot races. There's a vintage movie that shows some old-school cutter races in Wyoming dating back to the mid-1950's.

Frank Estey just shared this retro video on YouTube. According to his description, this is from Baggs, Wyoming in 1956.

If you're not familiar with Baggs, it's in extreme southern Wyoming south of Rawlins. It's practically Colorado.

Cutter races in Wyoming are still very much a thing. Jackson Hole has their annual cutter races in mid-February according to the Jackson Hole website. This is encouraging for cutter racing fans as Jackson Hole News and Guide said the races were canceled a couple years ago due to lessening interest.

The Facebook page for the cutter races in Afton appear that their events are still happening, too.

This vintage video is definitely a throwback to a different time. Sure would be a shame for a Wyoming tradition to disappear. Perhaps video shares like Frank's will remind the current generation of how special this part of Wyoming can be.

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