A few days ago, I shared a viral video of a woman who sang to a hospice patient outside of her window at an assisted living facility. Thanks to you, I have located the sweet lady and she has many Casper and Wyoming connections.

In case you missed it, here's the original video of who we now know is Sarah Davison singing outside of the hospice patient's window.

Over the weekend, I shared this on our Facebook page and it was your comments that led us to contact Sarah.

Sarah visited with us this morning about how her performance outside of the assisted living facility happened.

We learned that Sarah has deep Wyoming connections and used to perform with our friend Chancey Williams.

Sarah Davison - "I actually played with Chancey several years ago. We played at Cheyenne Frontier Days and down at the Grizzly Rose a lot...I played piano and sang harmonies for Chancey...Wyoming is one of my favorite states."

Sarah shared that her performance in Iowa is near the home where she's originally from. She played piano and sang songs from the sidewalk for the residents, but learned there was a 99-year-old lady in hospice care that was unable to attend, so she set up her piano next to her window and played several songs exclusively for her there.

Sarah Davison - "They told me that Dorothy...was on hospice and wasn't able to attend the concert and I said let's find Dorothy's room. We found her window...her nurse cracked her window open...she was very much awake and alert...I talked to her through the window for a little bit. I started singing hymns to her. She kinda closed her eyes and got quiet and I thought she had fallen asleep. Then, I saw her mouth moving to all the hymns I was singing to her."

Sarah is part of the group High Road and they've performed in Casper a few years ago.

You can keep track of Sarah and High Road through their official website, Facebook and the usual social media places.

We salute Sarah and those kindhearted people that continue to shine through this very dark time. Such a kind and simple gesture that had to mean so much to Dorothy and the other residents at the assisted living facility. Love this so much.

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