There's a new share of a classic video of how ICBM nuclear missiles ended up in Wyoming. It's vintage 1963 and is more than a little freaky.

I must admit that I'm kind of a nuclear war nerd. (One of my many personality flaws, I suppose) That's why I actually watched this documentary about the LGM-30 Minuteman missile development and deployment which includes Wyoming and many other western states.

Minuteman - From Design To Delivery 1963 US Air Force; LGM-30 ICBM from Jeff Quitney on Vimeo.

The music and narration is absolutely what you'd expect from an early 1960's movie. Notice the haircut on this soldier from back in the day as he flips the nuclear missile switch.

Jeff Quitney, Vimeo
Jeff Quitney, Vimeo

The history behind the Minuteman missile program is fascinating (to me) as Wikipedia says it was first test-fired February 1, 1961 and deployed in 1962. That places the date of this movie just after the Minuteman became a reality in Wyoming.

If you have enough time to spare, this video is worth the watch to see how our part of the country became a part of what we hope is an ultimate nuclear deterrent so using it never becomes a reality.

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