If you're a ranch owner in Wyoming, you gotta do what you gotta do. When a Laramie ranch owner found one of his horses buried by the winter storm this past week, he enlisted the help of a bulldozer. (CORRECTION: Yes, it's an excavator)

According to the YouTube description, this rescue effort happened on Thursday, March 14, the day after the winter storm buried much of Wyoming:

After the blizzard one of the horses got stuck in a snow drift. The ranch owner, Jason, was able to carefully dig her out.

Unlike some of the unfortunate ranchers in our state that lost animals from last week's storm, this video has a happy ending. After a few minutes of the bulldozer clearing the way, the horse is able to break free from the snow.

Here's the rescue from a completely different angle.

This is more proof of how tough Wyoming horses are. It was a couple years ago when a story was shared about a horse that was lost in the Wyoming wilderness for 6 weeks survived.

We are big fans of happy endings. Fortunately, that's what happened here.

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