More people that travel, visit or hike through Wyoming should be like this couple and take notes.

Renee and Tim (@thruhikers on TikTok) are currently on a trek to walk from Mexico to Canada. They've recording their awesome journey and are currently camping out in the Cowboy State.

Their latest video was an answer to a question from another TikTok-er. Along with the short, but very detailed and informative video, they captioned it:

Answer to @haramidoggy By following a few precautions #wildlife like #grizzly #bears are #safe to share the #landscape with! #wyoming #keepbearswild

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The couple listed off the four ways they stay safe and avoid contact with the three grizzly bears they recently encountered (a momma bear and two cubs).

  1. Make Noise
  2. Bear Spray
  3. Cook Away From Tent
  4. Bear-Proof Food Storage

The video has already been viewed almost 200,000 times in under 24-hours, It has also amassed almost a 1000 comments and has been shared 720 times across different social media platforms.

It really is amazing to watch Renee and Tim's journey, but what makes it even better is their appreciation of the environment and ability to stay safe. With all the touron (tourist acting badly) incidents that are caught on video so often in our national parks (and around the rest of Wyoming), it's a welcome sight to see it done correctly.

Kudos to you both! We salute you!

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