It's not unusual to see a ranch in Natrona County. However, it's not exactly common to get a bird's eye view of one. That's exactly what has happened thanks to a drone that flew over Amerada Divide Ranch.

This drone video isn't just for fun. It appears that the Amerada Divide Ranch is now available for purchase. Arnold Realty shared this video on YouTube and here's a small part of the description:

The Amerada Divide Ranch has been in the same family for many years and has been carefully managed with the addition of new water sources and the utilization of good grazing practices to maintain rangeland conditions for livestock and enhance the wildlife habitat.

The Arnold Realty website indicates that this land occupies a total of over 17,000 acres. It's also apparently home to resident herds of mule deer and antelope. Why do I now have that Home on the Range song in my head? Roy Rogers would be so happy.

Land like this doesn't come cheap. The website indicates the asking price is $7.7 million. That's a few more zeroes than I have in my bank account, but this land sure is pretty.

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