If you have an upcoming family vacation, perhaps you will be inspired by this family's hilarious Wyoming video of the song "500 Miles".

Danielle Sketchler's family must be amazing. Here's how she described what you're about to see:

the people spoke and we answered normal family vacation videos are overrated part 2

"Normal" is not how I would describe what her family did. It's obvious by their video that they spent a lot of time near Jackson since Grand Teton National Park backdrops are common. The antler arch in Jackson's townsquare is also visited.

The actual lip syncing is...interesting. I cast no stones since I am rhythmically-challenged, but there will be no Grammy's awarded for this performance. But, I was highly entertained and admire this family's enthusiasm for their Wyoming vacation. There are way worse ways to spend your time than watching the Sketchler family's 3 1/2 minutes of internet fame.

For reference, here's the original song. You are welcome.

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