Thanks to a coworker (and Netflix), I recently gave the college sitcom, Community, the good ole binge watch. I am so glad I did, too.

I had seen the pilot when it originally aired and loved it, but I couldn't remember what it was called, what network I saw it on and vice looking it up on the Internet Movie Database (or IMDB for short), I just let it fall from my memory. After I told my co-worker, Mary, I planned to give it a go, after seeing it on Netflix, she assured me I would love it. She was 100% correct.

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I made it through all six seasons in just under a month, but while watching the next to the last episode, I was finally happy that Wyoming was mentioned. Considering that the entire show takes place in Colorado at the fictional Greendale Community College, I was shocked it took that long for the Cowboy State to be brought up. I was also pretty surprised that was the only time. I was even more flabbergasted at how we Wyomingites were viciously attacked during the episode (which you can see below in a snippet).

Normally, incest jokes are aimed at places like West Virginia, and although it was a quick jab (and aimed specifically at Sheridan), it was still kind of funny.

It's a tongue-in-cheek sitcom that literally takes aim at everything, including itself, so I still love the show, but once again, Wyoming is made the butt of another crass joke. Luckily, we all have tough skin.

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