September 22nd, 2019 will forever be a historic day for the town of Cody, Wyoming. It's the day Kanye West held his "Sunday Service" in the Cowboy State for the very first time (but hopefully not the last).

There were people out by the masses. The line to enter was a good half a mile (or more) down the street of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. Some Kanye fans, some not. Some folks were religious, some were not. One thing was absolutely true though: there was a good time had by all. People of all ages, denomination, races and creeds stood together and enjoyed the free show.

The 80-piece choir, which in addition to the singers and choir director, also included a full percussion section, guitars and pianos, and also Ye on the boards supplying some rather ingenious samples, including an interesting gospel and hip-hop infused version of the Nirvana song "Come As You Are".

While some people have been calling Kanye's Sunday praise and worship service a "cult" or "cult-like" experience. Having witnessed it firsthand, I'd have to totally disagree. It's exactly as advertised, Sunday Service, which is very reminiscent of most Southern Baptist and other largely African-American led Christian song services.

The show started shortly after noon, when Kanye entered through a side entrance at the Robbie Powwow Garden. After prayer by the choir director, the song service began. While Kanye has been called egotistic in the past, the show really wasn't about him at. With the exception of one of the early songs, in which Kanye sang and got the crowd hype, he didn't even have a mic for the rest of the roughly hour and half performance. The show really was about praising the Lord through music.

There were classic gospel choir songs and some pretty interesting Ye-styled remixes. There was even a very African styled song that the group performed.

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After the show, Kanye exited through the same way he came, shaking a few hands and even hugging one lucky fan, but the choir stuck around briefly for photos and meeting with the concert goers.

Again, after witnessing the event live, I have new found belief in the fact that Mr. West is doing these free shows for the right reason. Hopefully, it will happen in Wyoming again, especially know that he's a resident.

Kanye's new album, Jesus Is King is set to be released this Friday (September 27th, 2019).

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