I need your help.

I cannot for the life of me figure out what is going on in this video.

I even read a huge amount of the comments to try and see if THAT would be helpful...and no...no help at all.

So, I'm hoping that you can watch this and tell me what happens.

In the video, a lumberjack is cutting down two trees. Nothing too exciting, though they are massive trees.

After he makes his final cut he steps out of the way and waits for the trees to fall.

Suddenly at the exact moment when the trees hit the brush a bear pops out of the hollow bottom of the tree.

Except, does it?

First of all, if the Bear WAS living in the tree why didn't it scurry out during the initial chainsaw noise?

Secondly, according to the comments Bears don't really live in trees. I headed to BeraWise.org where they clearly proved that to be false. "Bears choose many different kinds of dens, including hollow trees, under fallen trees, excavated mounds, or in 'nests' under briar patches. "

If you watch the video a second (or like my fourth and fifth time) you will end up feeling more confused because it does begin to look like the Bear simply jumps out of the brush onto the stump to get out of the way of the tree.

But, how did that huge tree not land on it?!

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So, what are your thoughts?

Was the Bear in the tree or in the bushes?

Let us know in the My Country 95.5 Mobile App.

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