What a wonderful thing ducks are. Now I may be a very slight bit biased, but how can you not be? Ducks are adorable, hilarious, and all-around wholesome creatures. Every time I see one by the river, the lake, or any of our ponds I get extremely giddy. I could understand why you may want to lift ducks, but unfortunately (to keep my job) I cannot condone anybody (outside of experts) picking up wild ducks. If one were to do that the steps listed out in this very brief instructional guide follow as such.  

Picking up a duck

  1. Find a duck 
  2. Place your hand Palm up under duck  
  3. Lift duck  

Congratulations you have lifted your very own duck! Now you may enjoy all the wonders of your new found accessory! As many ducks come in neutral colors and earthy tones, you can admire how they may naturally match your outfit. They may make noise or start to get squirmy; this may be a sign that it is time to put a duck down.  

How to un-lift your duck  

  1. Pick up a duck  
  2. Slowly lower duck
  3.  Once the duck has touched the ground release the duck 

As adorable as these videos are, they offer some great instructions and information on getting a duck to build trust with you. Talking about not being staying out from behind the duck, where ducks like to be pet, and if you look closely in this small compilation, you will see that Wrinkle, the duck, has little feet covers!  

I had watched these videos because I wished to “surprise adopt” a duck from the wild. After watching these delightful videos, I have concluded that stealing a duck from the wild is “not the move”. Please do not take ducks from the wildlife or from their mothers, as they have their own place in the ecosystem, and they tend to not enjoy people trying. I would Implore you to lift domesticated ducks, with the owner’s (and duck’s) consent. 

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