This summer in Casper has been unusual. Record breaking high temps have started off the season and unprecedented rain has finished off the month of June. Now we are seeing insects in parts of the country that are rarely seen.

This video captured in east Casper shows an apparent firefly, uncommon to the area.

Paul Malsom via Facebook
Paul Malsom via Facebook

Fireflies are common in the eastern part of the U.S. and the midwest, but they are a pretty uncommon sight in Wyoming. It is not completely unheard of, however.

Fireflies in Wyoming exist and according to, some of these fire flies or 'lightning bugs' do not give off a glow bright enough for the human eye to see. This 'lightning bug' in this video shines brightly and is reminiscent of the fireflies common to the east coast.

Even though this insect was spotted in Casper, there is no evidence showing that this will be a regular sighting.

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