The high winds in the Casper area have been exceedingly high the past 24 hours.

There have been reports of trampolines flying down Casper streets and of course trash cans being blown away. The Wyoming wind is no joke and is something most of us are used to. However, there are folks who take the brunt of it more than others.

The folks who live in Bar Nunn, just north of Casper, live in neighborhoods that are on the plains and have to deal with different side effects from the relentless blowing.

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The video below shows homes on Antelope Dr. in Bar Nunn that are completely engrossed in tumbleweed. Some residents can't even access their front doors or garages due to the piling tumbleweed.

Bar Nunn resident, Amanda Lord, shared the following video capturing how bad the situation is for some of these homes.

Luckily this particular burst of wind is blowing in an upcoming snow storm but in average Wyoming tradition, the wind will return. Hopefully these homeowners are able to dig out of their tumbleweed detention in time to dig out of the upcoming snow.

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