What would happen if you decided it was a good idea to open a champagne bottle with a .50 caliber rifle? No need to wonder as some Utah veterans just did it.

The FullMag YouTube channel celebrated the start of the new year by opening a champagne bottle as only a veteran can. They went shopping and picked up some Louis XV 2006 champagne and then headed out to the firing range.

If you're not familiar with these guys, they are a part of Black Rifle Coffee Company based near Salt Lake City. As the dude in the video mentions, they have the same type of wind conditions there that we have here which means 25 to 30 mph gusts are normal.

Despite the windy conditions, they shot the cork out of the champagne in beautiful fashion without harming the neck of the bottle.

As an added bonus, they got out their crossbows and assaulted some 2019 balloons filled with a flammable fluid. They went bang big time.

If you live in Wyoming and don't follow these guys on YouTube, you are missing out. Their videos are normally can't-miss events. Really.

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