Here's a heartwarming story for you. A Wyoming family just had 3 of their 5 children undergo an operation that enabled them to hear for the first time ever. You can watch their reaction here.

I saw this on Yahoo courtesy of KMGH in Denver. It's the story of Jackson, Cooper and Nora Isenberger from Cheyenne who were born with hearing difficulties. They were unable to hear their brothers, sisters or parents until they had a cochlear implant at Children's Hospital in Denver, according to the KMGH story.

The National Institute for Deafness describes the cochlear implant procedure with details about how the electronic device can provide sound for some that are born with without a sense of hearing. It contains a speech processor which arranges the sounds and directs them to the proper auditory nerves. It's truly amazing technology.

This story is yet another reminder that if you have healthy children, you have much to be thankful for. The story of the Isenberger's and their kids is one that fortunately has a happy ending and a future where communication will now be less of a burden for them.

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