Keeping yourself entertained is sometimes difficult when you're not sleeping great, cold  tired from hiking all day and sometimes wet. Brothers Chris and Josh Neville faced all types of weather while Elk hunting and had a little downtime to do an episode of goHUNT CRIBS.

goHUNT has been around since 2013 and have been catering to the needs of hunters in the Western part of the United States. They built a community of outdoorsmen and women where ideas, products, data and other information is all shared to help make the life of the hunter a little more simple. Along the way they've also had a chance to make an impact on conservation! They work and support nonprofits like the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Wild Sheep Foundation by putting money back into those organizations to help protect the conservation for future hunting generations.

While you're in the backcountry of Wyoming hunting/ hiking or camping during this time of year, you're going to get all types of weather and the brothers have faced rain, snow, cold and warm temps while on their hunt. If you've ever gone on a big game hunt, you know that the middle part of the day is usually pretty slow and gives the hunters a chance to head back to camp, dry out, rest and get ready for a hunt in the later part of the day.

MTV has put out 18 seasons of their popular show called MTV Cribs, where music, movie and TV stars show off their houses, cars and fridges. Since Chris and Josh had some extra time and are creative guys, they used their downtime to  show all of us at home, how they roll in camp with an episode goHUNT CRIBS. Take a look and see if what they have is close to what you would take with you.

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