The craziest thing about this candle isn't the fact that it exists. It's that it actually smells like Wyoming. I was gifted one of these candles for my recent birthday by a friend who has, ironically, never been to Wyoming to know if the scent was accurate or not. But the smell of this little wax cylinder for burning reminds me of stepping into the Snowy Range Mountains, breathing in the crisp air in the fall with the scent of pines and crisp streams.


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I know that sounds silly. But it really does smell like Wyoming. Well. Part of Wyoming. There are other parts of the state that should probably never be put into candle form. So, imagine with me a second a series of new "Homesick" candles, that smell like the parts of Wyoming we'd rather not have burning in our dining room.

1. Sugar Beet Farms 

If you've ever passed through Torrington, Worland, or Lovell during sugar beet processing season, you know that smell. It smells like decaying cow feces and possibly the third circle of hell. The American Crystal Sugar even has a frequently asked question page dedicated to the smell. "The magnitude of the odors can be impacted by weather, wind direction, atmospheric conditions, and storage conditions." Let's not make a candle that smells like decaying organic material. 

2. Natural Gas Processing Plants 

Rotted smell. That's the word the actual website uses to describe the smell of natural gas. It's caused by the high sulfur content of the gasses that are collected very often in Wyoming and used to heat homes and generate energy. But if you've ever passed by a processing plant or refinery, let's say the smell of "rot" doesn't exactly compare with Harvest Fall or Apple Cinnamon Candles.

3. Yellowstone National Park 

Well, more specifically, the smell of the geothermal geysers and pools around the park. If the smell of rot and decay doesn't do it for you, maybe the literal smell of fire and brimstone will be the scent for you. Yellowstone water is thick with sulfur, thus giving the park the smell of the underworld. The scent can't be helped- it's a natural occurrence, but it might not be the pick for scent of the year in candle form.

4. Rodeo Grounds 

I mean, this one's a no-brainer, right? If you've ever spent a hot day in the summer Wyoming heat watching brave fellows put themselves in mortal danger to ride giant beasts for the longest, tie them up the fastest, or do the fanciest things with horses well... you've smelled it. You might not even be all that bothered by it because after a long period of time spent in the company of foul odors, you will go nose blind. But rest assured, a candle version of that particular smell would probably churn anyone's stomach.

So let's just let the experts take care of it here. The Wyoming Homesick Candle actually does smell like Wyoming... just a more pleasant part of the state.

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