The likes and dislikes of the Wyoming players is interesting. Everyone has their favorite music, but what about least favorite?

According to a recent Instagram video, the University of Wyoming locker room has some MAJOR diversity when it comes to the music they enjoy and the music they REALLY dislike.

According to a survey earlier this year, CBS News asked a group of music lovers under the age of 30, what their favorite music was.

I get it, it's CBS News, can they actually take a proper music survey? For the case of this article, we'll let it fly...because they were WAY off.

Here are the results of the CBS News survey of the Top 5 Favorite types of music of Music Lovers of all ages

  • Christian/ Gospel (10%)
  • Country/ Western (12%) Who even calls it "Country Western"?
  • Hip Hop/Rap (14%)
  • Pop(ular) (15%)
  • Rock (32%)

Under 30 music listeners

  • Country/Western (8%) AGAIN, Who calls it that?
  • Christian/ Gospel (11%)
  • Rock (17%)
  • Pop(ular) 19%
  • Hip Hop/Rap (32%)

When the players of Wyoming's Football Team were asked "which type of music was their least favorite kind of music", it may've not been as a big of a surprise as we'd think, but Country was definitely NOT on the top of the hate list. Not to say it wasn't said a couple of times, but NOT the most hated.

Jazz was mentioned MANY times, K-Pop (Korean Popular Music) but not as many times as hard rock/ scream metal.

The likes and dislikes of music are quite interesting, especially when it's guys between the age of 18-22.

No matter what their favorite music or least favorite music is, we'll ALL be rooting for them every game this fall...#GOPOKES.

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