According to a National Pet Owners Survey, there are 71.8%, over 90 million, families that own pets in the US today. That's up from only 56% of families when the same study done originally in 1988.

Needless to say, pets are VERY important to families and especially important to families in Wyoming. You've seen the number of family dogs and cats around Wyoming, but did you know that in 2018 claimed, the Hedgehog is the #1 pet in Wyoming?

Hedgehog, ey?

Drew Kirby/ Canva

Wyoming doesn't allow any animals that are big game (elk, deer, moose, antelope), trophy game (black bear, grizzly bear or mountain lions) or exotic species (not domesticated animals). If you have any questions about what is allowed and not allowed to have as a pet, Wyoming Game and Fish Department has a cut and dry list.

Seeing this information made me wonder what animals (if it were legal) would Wyomingites like to have as a pet. This is a fantasy question, so anything goes. You want a cobra? In our fantasy pet world, that's fine...have a pet cobra.

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You want a golly, have yourself a gazelle.

Drew Kirby/Canva

We decided to ask Wyomingites which animal would be their pet of choice if they could choose from ANY animal, the answers didn't disappoint in any way.

Pets Wyomingites Would LOVE To Have

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