Imagine for a second that you've been tasked with putting a time capsule in the ground to be opened 25 years later. What would you put in a Casper time capsule?

The Insider just shared a story about a Virginia university that buried a time capsule in 1993. When it was opened, it had some strange items inside cassette tapes and fluffy bangs. Really.

That brought to mind what we might put in a Casper time capsule to show a future generation what life here is all about in 2019. Here are some ideas:

  • High wind warning sign
  • Beanie with bucking horse on it
  • Casper Horseheads jersey
  • Oil field fire-retardant coveralls (aka "FR's")

But, who cares what ideas I have for this. Speak up and let me know what you would put in a Casper time capsule that would show future people what life is like here in 2019?


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