The internet has just declared what they think Wyoming looks up on Valentine's Day, but it's not what you think.

Satellite Internet used science to determine what each state Google's more than any other this time of year. Here's what they came up with:

Satellite Internet
Satellite Internet

So, Wyomingites just can't get enough of Tinder, huh? I would like to present a theory that it's not the hookup app. I believe that many of these online searches may have to do with starting an actual fire. If you Google "starting a fire in Wyoming", you'll notice there are lots of results.

Think about it. Valentine's Day in February 14. Duh. The average temperature in Wyoming on that day is around 33, according to the Current Results website. Tinder is vital when trying to survive in the woods by starting a fire. Seriously.

It's entirely possible that what the internet believes is a saucy Valentine's result for Wyoming is just us using our God-given survival skills.

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