If you've driven around lately you've surely noticed that some homes, businesses and cities have started decorating for the holidays. Some slowly and some have gone full on Christmas town. Every morning when I roll to work I drive through downtown Casper and notice there are a few light poles that are decorated and some trees that have light strands in them. I've seen Christmas trees decorated in windows, houses with a few lights and some houses with a full on explosion of Christmas happiness.

When I was a kid, we were a shoot from the hip type of family. No specific day, no specific design, no rhyme or reason to our madness of holiday decorating. Since I've been out on my own (way longer now than I lived at home) I haven't decorated for the holidays, because I end up heading back to the family and there's no real reason to take the time to decorate. Prairie Wife and her family spend time around the homestead decorating and making things all merry and bright.

Each year after Halloween the big debate is "when to it's ok to decorate for Christmas." Not really sure why this is a big debate and why people get so irritated by others doing what they want...BUT that's where the world is.

The bigger and more important debate we should be having is how to you plan out your holiday decorating?

Places like Disney turn all or most of their parks into a winter wonderland and actually have a division called the 'Holiday-Services Team' that work year round to plan and decorate for the holidays in the parks. They actually plan so far in advance and have such a big crew that they're able to go from Halloween to Christmas literally overnight.

Disney Halloween
AndyJimVlogs via YouTube
Disney Christmas
AndyJimVlogs via YouTube

There are some people that will design the layout of their home decor so it can be quickly transformed into the next holiday, so they're planning and decorating year round. There is actually a whole industry that's built around decorating other peoples homes for the holiday. I have lots of friends that hired professional holiday decorators and are set up and ready to go and didn't have to do anything but write a check. As a matter of fact, right here in central Wyoming there are businesses that will come to your house and do the decorating for you, like Christmas Decor of Casper.

Some still like to draw the layout, untangle the lights, get the boxes full decorations out of storage and spend hours putting it all together. We all have at least one neighbor that goes all "Clark Griswold" each and every year. Hats off to you Clark, thanks for getting us into the holiday spirit.

If you need some inspiration, check out this video of ideas that will stop your neighbors in their tracks and see how Disney goes from Spooky to Sparkly!

Casperites Debate When to Start Decorating for Christmas

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