Exercise and stimulation are a must for your dog. But is there a time when it is just too cold to let your dog out? The temperatures of the past week should make dog owners wonder about how much cold their pet can handle.

First, remember that all dogs are not the same. Some breads love Alaska in the winter and some need to live in Florida.

Check their coat. Some dogs have thick, double-layered coats. Others have light fur right up against the skin. That should tell you right there who can tolerate what.

Dark coats absorb more sunlight and keep the dog warmer.

Small dogs get colder faster. Some shiver in the middle of summer. If you own a small dog with a light coat it is a good idea to go shopping for winter pet clothing.

Is your dog fat? Is your dog fit? Both will keep them warmer.

Ages is a factor. Just like older people get colder faster older dogs do as well. They just don't move around as much so they don't stay as warm.

Remember that dampness from snow, rain and ice will get into a dogs coat and chill them.

In general, if you are cold with a heavy coat on, your dog is probably just as miserable.

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