We can all agree that Wyoming has an extremely rich history, and has a few conspiracy theories about the state's past.

One popular theory has always been the true burial site of the legendary William F "Buffalo Bill" Cody. Who was the founder of the town of Cody in Wyoming. According to LATimes.com, Buffalo Bill had made a trip up to Colorado to visit some friends and family in 1917. During that trip he had become gravely ill, and ended up dying during his trip. As his faithful wife Louisa came to retrieve his body and take care of other affairs, she was approached by a slew of reports from the Denver post wanting to pay her $10,000 for the body of her husband. As they wanted to bury him at the top of Lookout Mountain near Golden Colorado where the Buffalo Bill museum is currently located.

However, some residents of Cody Wyoming have a little bit of a different idea of how this story ends. Back in 1917 when Buffalo Bills wife had returned to Cody without the body of their towns founder. The towns undertaker and 2 of Bills long time friends were understandably upset with how his wife had handled the situation. Which ultimately led these 3 to take the body of a deceased ranch hand, trim that mans beard to resemble that of Buffalo Bill, and take a two and a half day trip up to Colorado. When they had arrived they had told the mortician they would like to see their long time friend so they could say goodbye. Later on that night, the three of them broke into the morgue to make a switch of the two bodies. The story concludes with them returning to Cody and burying his body somewhere on Cedar Mountain looking down on the town he loved and founded. Cody Wyoming.

Of course that's just how the story goes. I think it would be a neat part of Wyoming history if he had been buried on the mountain of his town. But no one can truly prove where his remains are!

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