If you're a fan of the NFL, there's a good chance your go to team is the Blue and Red of the Buffalo Bills. I've seen for myself on any given Sunday when the Bills are playing, the Josh Allen jerseys are out in force. The Former UW Cowboy is making the school and state proud by his spectacular performance in the NFL.

Although this past weekend the star was injured in his attempted upset of reigning Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Allen was superhero like in the game passing for over 308 yards on 36 completions with 2 touchdowns and 1 interception. He also ran for 109 yards and another touchdown, which was the best performance by any QB this season.

The problem was the injury that led the former Wyoming standout to come up limping and suffer a strained left foot. Team officials said the 6'5 quarterback is day to day as they approach this Sunday's game with Carolina.

During his time in Laramie, Allen had a couple injuries including a broken clavicle in his very first start for the Cowboys. In his senior year he sat out the final 2 games of his collegiate career with a shoulder injury. He's been a pretty solid performer in the pro's too and has only missed a couple games. Needless to say he picked up some Wyoming toughness during his time in the Cowboy State.

As far as the sprained foot, the Bills will need their star quarterback to be healthy if they want to have any chance of making the playoffs.

Our fingers are crossed and we're all sending good thoughts out to #17 to have a speedy recovery and be able to carry the team into the bonus rounds of the season.

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