While the news is touting some larger businesses and employers for giving employees pay raises and bonuses as a result of government tax breaks and a growing economy. But on average, Wyoming residents are being left out.

According to the Business Insider, Wyoming workers are not seeing the benefits of corporate tax breaks and probably won't anytime soon.

Wyoming ranks in the bottom 5 states for pay raises according to the BI report.  The 307 on average saw less than a 1% raise in pay over the past year, while other states are seeing a much stronger pay rate growth.

Wyoming ranked 45th overall in the nation with a pay rate growth of only 0.7% on average.

But at least it's moving forward and not backwards like North Dakota (-1.9%), Alaska (-1.1%) and Iowa (-0.1%). The only other states that are seeing equal or lower pay growth are Kansas 0.3% and Nebraska 0.7% (Tied with Wyoming at 45th).

The top 5 states where pay is rising the fastest are: Colorado - 5th highest in the nation at 4.6%, Utah - 4th overall all at 4.7%, Arizona - 3rd with 4.8%, Washington - 2nd with 5.2% and Idaho was best in the nation with a 5.3% pay rate growth.

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