I've always struggled with really great and romantic date ideas year round. Winter time in Casper does not make it easier. Over the years I have found some unique, simple, and cheap date ideas that are sure to swoon that young lady you've had your eye on.

Just recently David Street Station opened up the ice rink and though you may not be too good at ice skating I assure you that no matter how good or bad you are it will make for one memorable date. Especially if you fall on your butt! (Just don't break any bones.)

Being a hopeless romantic but not having the cash to spend on that special someone has often been a difficult thing in my life. That's why taking a walk to check out some of the wonderful Christmas decorations and lights around Casper can be just as romantic as spending a night out at a fancy restaurant or bar.

When I was in high school I had a friend who just knew the right thing to say and had all the dating tips. The one memory that still sticks out for me was when he took one of his girlfriends on a drive up to Casper mountain on a cold and snowy night. They looked over our beautiful city with the snow falling and the lights shining he told me that it was one of the best nights of his life.

Sometimes the best date ideas are that simple and not too harsh on the wallet. So take advantage of our wonderful town this winter and ask that girl out on a date.


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