The Britania Mountain Fire grew to 27,200 acres yesterday. On Friday, crews continued mopping up and patrolling the northern edge of the fire to improve firelines that were constructed in previous shifts. Crews gained containment on the southeastern edge of the fire, bringing containment up to 70%. The northern edge of the fire, in Division A, was more active yesterday. Ground crews, supported by helicopters, worked to keep the fire south of Van Ortwick Hill Road. The eastern end of the fire, crews secured, patrolled, and monitored established firelines.

The southwest flank of the fire, in Division Z, crews conducted firing operations off the Palmer Canyon Road. These operations were largely successful in holding the fire north of the Palmer Canyon Road. There were spot fires across the road, but firefighters engaged those spot fires quickly and were able to prevent spread of the fire further south. Crews worked throughout the day to protect structures in the Paradise subdivision and along Palmer Canyon Road. Both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters were used to support ground operations. On the western edge of the fire, crews continued scouting and prepping indirect firelines south of the fire’s edge.

One structure was lost in Albany County yesterday; Albany County authorities have contacted that property owner.

On Saturday, engines and hand crews will continue mopping up, patrolling, and monitoring the northern and eastern firelines. In Division Z, on the southwest edge of the fire, crews will continue with structure protection along the Palmer Canyon Road and in Paradise subdivision.

Firefighters will continue firing operations to remove fuel ahead of the fire as it advances south. On the west edge of the fire, in Division W, crews will conduct firing operations from established indirect lines to limit fire spread to the south and west, if conditions allow. Fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters will continue to support ground crews in holding the fire north of the Palmer Canyon Road.

Weather & Fuel Conditions: A weak cold front passing over the area is expected to decrease temperatures and increase relative humidity over the fire area today. High temperatures will be in the upper 70s to low 80s, which will raise relative humidity to 16 to 20%. Isolated thunderstorms, which could bring gusty, erratic winds to the area, are possible over the fire on Saturday, but the strongest storms are expected to be south and east of the fire.

Evacuations and Closures: Mandatory evacuations are in effect for residences north of Palmer Canyon Road in Platte County west of the Laramie River to the Albany County line. Evacuations are also in place for Albany County residents from the Platte County line to Cottonwood Road. Palmer Canyon Road remains closed from Kittel Road in Platte County to Cottonwood Road in Albany County.

Fletcher Park Road has reopened. Marble Road and Van Ortwick Hill Road remain closed. Laramie Peak Ranch subdivision residents remain on pre-evacuation status and should be prepared to evacuate with a thirty-minute notice.

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