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Here in Wyoming, many of our local businesses are by nature, smaller.

We only have 2 Target Stores in the whole entire state and a Dollar General recently opening up in the town of Glenrock was a big deal.

In larger cities and states with bigger populations, there has been a big push to shop small and shop local...especially in the last few years.

Here in Wyoming, this idea is something that we already take to heart.

Our neighbor down the road or our High School football coach's wife is the owner of our favorite sandwich shop.

Our daughter plays Soccer with the daughter of the couple that owns the feed store we go to.

We see firsthand how spending money locally helps the people around us to lead better lives, and how one small recommendation to a friend of the best place to have dinner can make ALL the difference to that small business owner.

Across the state of Wyoming, small businesses are participating in Pink Friday on Nov 19, 2021.

They're encouraging Wyomignites to shop small sooner and to think about going to a local store for their holiday gifts.

Much like "Black Friday" many participating businesses are making a BIG deal out of this special day (and even extending all the fun to Saturday as well).

I've read about some shops offering wine tastings, giveaways, BOGO sales, and big discounts for customers that stop by on Pink Friday.

Want to know if your favorite local business is joining in?

The best place to look is their website, Facebook page, or you can do it the old-fashioned way and give them a call.

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