The Wyoming Coaches Association has selected their Coach of the Year for the fall 2017 season.

Boys Cross Country:

2A: Julie Her Many Horses - Wyoming Indian

3A: Ty Draney - Star Valley

4A: Greg Schabron - Laramie


Girls Cross Country:

2A: Ashley Rousseau - Pine Bluffs-Burns

3A: Ty Draney - Star Valley

4A: Sean Wilde - Cheyenne Central


Assistant Cross Country: Heather Thompson - Star Valley


Boys Golf:

2A: Craig Lundberg - Lovell

3A: Mike Watson - Lander Valley

4A: Craig Marsh - Kelly Walsh


Girls Golf:

2A: Allen Patz - Wright

3A: Mike Watson - Lander Valley

4A: Craig Marsh - Kelly Walsh


Assistant Golf: Kaelee Saner - Sheridan


Boys Tennis:

Elizabeth Clower - Laramie


Girls Tennis:

Karen Mack - Cheyenne Central


Girls Swimming:

3A: Shawna Morgan - Lander Valley

4A: Tom Hudson - Laramie



1A: Bill Thompson - Cokeville

2A: Gretta Crawford - Sundance

3A: Angela Rhodes - Douglas

4A: Jeff Barkell - Kelly Walsh


Assistant Volleyball: Courtney Walker - Lyman



6-Man: Tony Rouse - Kaycee

1A: Will Gray - Pine Bluffs

2A: Brent Walk - Mountain View

3A: Matt McFadden - Cody

4A: Don Julian - Sheridan


Assistant Football:

D.J. Dearcorn - Sheridan

Tony Yerkovich - Rock Springs

Josh Hays - Cody


All coaches of the year are invited to the WCA Hall of Fame Banquet in July 2018 in Casper to be presented with their award.

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