We always here about lists that are put out by certain firms that have surveys to break down interesting topics.

I read one that showed how much each Wyoming resident spent 'on average' each year for food and drinks (not including alcoholic beverages). This particular study says that since 2020, Wyoming falls inside the top 20 with each resident of Wyoming spending $5,293 per year on food and drinks, which breaks down to about 12% of all spending every year for the person.

We know that things have gotten quite a bit more expensive since 2020, but when you step back and think about how much you actually spend...it makes you a little ill.

I really wanted to see if I fell into that average, and after further review, I don't. I cringe a little at the thought of how much I spend on food and drinks.

Here's where my breakdown goes awry, eating out and beer.

When I go to the grocery store, I spend between $150 - $200 per store trip. If I stopped there, it would round up to about $4800 a year just on food and drinks and I would be below the state average.

The sad part is, that's NOT where I stop. Being a single guy and going out to playing golf, my busy work schedule and the convenience of eating out, wrecks my being on track.

If you go out just three times per week, that adds close to a minimum of $300 per month. Multiply that by 12 and you can add $3600 to your annual food/drink costs.

Grand total, for a single guy that likes beer, $8400 per year on just food and drinks. If that doesn't blow your mind, I don't know what will.

Remember, these numbers were based on Wyoming residents, NOT families. If you have a big family, your overall number is going to be going to by higher, but your per person may actually be lower.

If you're thinking about figuring yours out, be cautious...you don't want to put yourself into shock.

To figure mine, I added up my average monthly grocery bill, multiplied it by 12. Then, added in the average times per week I eat out or have an adult beverage out, multiply it by 4, then multiply that by 12. Take the two averages and add them together.

Figuring Average Food Bill
Drew Kirby/CANVA

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