One of the most famous treasures of the American West inspired a family to turn their quest into a movie. It's the Forrest Fenn treasure and it was this family's adventure that became a mini-movie.

The Meachum family just shared this epic journey on Vimeo. Here's how Cynthia described it:

This 15 minute video takes us from Cody, north through Skylight Country, and west along the scenic Chief Joseph Byway to Sunlight Creek Road. Follow along as Brit Chaser and his family follow Cynthia on a search to Sulphur Lake in quest of the elusive Forrest Fenn treasure chest.

Their search began with the first Fenn clue "begin where warm waters halt". They decide that the word "bald" in the text refers to Bald Eagle Ridge so they begin their hike where Gas Creek ends and head down the canyon.

Forrest Fenn Search Sunlight Creek the Movie from Cynthia Meachum on Vimeo.

The Meachum's also put emphasis on the clue "put in below the home of Brown" and the fact that the word "strawberry" is in the same paragraph of the Fenn text which leads them to Strawberry Gulch.

It's been said that Forrest Fenn hid the treasure in an effort to inspire people to get outside and explore the natural beauty of the West and Wyoming in particular. When you see families like the Meachum's doing this search together, you get the idea of what he had in mind.

All That's Interesting has reported that Forrest Fenn has said some have come dangerously close to finding the treasure. Sadly, that's also led to some deaths by explorers as this Gallatin County Facebook post mentions.

It's a reminder that if you set off in search of this adventure, you need to be safe doing it.

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