Golf Invitational this week are scheduled to take place at Newcastle, Cheyenne, Riverton, Worland, Sundance and Upton.

Upton Gathering at Newcastle - August 14:

Teams Participating: Upton, Moorcroft, Sundance, Hulett, Wright, Lusk


Laramie Invitational - August 16:

Teams Participating: Laramie, Cheyenne East, Cheyenne Central, Rawlins


Cheyenne Invitational - August 17-18:

Teams Participating: Cheyenne East, Cheyenne Central, Cheyenne South, Laramie, Campbell County, Thunder Basin, Kelly Walsh, Natrona, Green River, Torrington, Wheatland, Douglas, Rawlins


Riverton Invitational - August 17-18:

Teams Participating: Riverton, Lander, Sheridan, Jackson, Rock Springs, Evanston, Cody, Star Valley, Pinedale, Lyman, Kemmerer


Worland Invitational - August 18-19:

Boys 2-Day Total Team Scores: Worland: 355+339 = 694...Powell: 349+366 = 715...Buffalo: 380+381 = 761...Lovell: 411 (1 day score. No score on Day 2)

Girls 2-Day Total Team Scores: Buffalo: 285+281 = 566...Worland: 304+309 = 613...Lovell: No score

Teams Participating: Worland, Buffalo, Powell, Lovell


Sundance Invitational - August 18:

Teams Participating: Sundance, Moorcroft, Upton, Wright, Hulett, Big Horn, Tongue River, Lusk


Upton Invitational - August 19:

Teams Participating: Upton, Sundance, Moorcroft, Wright, Hulett, Tongue River, Big Horn, Lusk

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