As a whole, the entire state of Wyoming has not ranked well for the past five years when it comes to teen drivers, but the good news is, we're no longer in last place.

Personal finance website, WalletHub, recently conducted their annual study, listing the "2022's Best & Worst States for Teen Drivers". While no longer in dead last, the Cowboy State still ranked near the bottom. Wyoming ranked 49th overall, with only Montana scoring lower.

Source: WalletHub
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According to the study, WalletHub stated:

Motor-vehicle accidents are the second leading cause of death among the population aged 16 to 19, which also happens to be the age group with the highest risk of crashes.

The study also stated:

WalletHub analyzed the teen-driving environment in each of the 50 states using a collection of 23 key metrics. Our data set ranges from the number of teen driver fatalities to the average cost of car repairs to the presence of impaired-driving laws.

The following metrics breakdown why Wyoming ranked so low overall:

  • Safety: 48th
  • Driving Laws: 47th
  • Teen Driver Fatalities per Teen Population: 49th (tied for last place with Montana)
  • Teen DUIs per Teen Population: 45th (five-way tie for last place with Utah, Montana, North & South Dakota)

One of the few areas Wyoming scored well on was "Premium Increase After Adding Teen Driver to Policy", where we landed 4th overall.

Considering how poorly Wyoming scores on this list every year, here's to hoping our state and city government officials can find a way to better our ranking. After all, the children are our future.

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