There's a brand new ranking that lists the best and worst states to raise a family. If you dig deep in that study, you'll find that Wyoming ranks among the best states for kid safety and health.

WalletHub is the source of this new 2019 list of good and bad places to raise a family. If you check out their map, you'll notice that Wyoming comes in right in the middle of the pack at #25.

Source: WalletHub

But, their methodology breaks down more important stats for kid safety and health. For health and safety, Wyoming is ranked at #8. For education and childcare, we come in at #10.

Family fun is also factored into the overall WalletHub list. That includes the number of fitness and recreational centers, but doesn't seem to take into consideration the natural outdoor stuff that we have all around us in Wyoming. If it were, I'd have to believe that Wyoming would have been much higher in the overall "best place to raise a family" list.

It's a very comfortable thought for parents in Wyoming to know that their state is among the very best in America for the safety and health of their kids. I'll take that over an abundance of fitness centers any day.

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