The Wyoming Supreme Court on Wednesday dismissed an appeal by a Casper man sentenced to prison for killing a man he accused of molesting his granddaughter.

Olinza Headd was sentenced to a 17-20 prison sentence for manslaughter by Natrona County District Court Judge Daniel Forgey in April.

Headd previously pleaded guilty to the crime, according to the opinion written by Chief Justice Kate Fox.

On August 22, Headd's court-appointed attorney from the Public Defender's Office filed a motion to withdraw as his representative, according to the opinion.

Headd wanted to represent himself, and the Supreme Court gave him until Oct. 11 to file a pro se brief to outline the issues he wanted the Court to consider in his appeal.

If he did not meet that deadline, the Court would decide on the court-appointed attorney's motion to withdraw and Headd's brief.

Headd did not meet the deadline.

The Supreme Court reviewed the record and granted the court-appointed attorney's motion to withdraw.

Likewise, Fox wrote the Court, "Ordered that the Natrona County District Court's April 26, 2022, Judgment and Sentence be, and the same hereby is, affirmed."


Headd was initially charged with second-degree murder in the January 13, 2021, shooting that left Eugene Hogan III dead. The charges were pleaded down to manslaughter in December.

Court documents filed shortly after the shooting detail Headd walking into an apartment, confronting Hogan and fatally shooting him three times.

Headd described receiving news that his granddaughter had been molested at the hands of Hogan and feeling that he'd failed as a grandparent.

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During the sentencing hearing, Natrona County District Attorney Dan Itzen argued that Headd's taking the law into his own hands violated American norms, citing the axiom that the US is a nation of laws.

Itzen said Hogan never had a chance to appear before a jury and deny the allegations against him.

Olinza Headd's attorney, Marty Scott, argued that Olinza Headd should serve probation or a suspended sentence.

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"Freedom for Olinza; set him free!" rang throughout the downtown area as several supporters of Olinza Headd and his family protested the sentence that he was given after shooting and killing the man who he said molested his granddaughter. 

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