There's a place in Wyoming that gets nearly 22 feet of snow every year, and it's not in Yellowstone National Park. The snowiest spot in the Cowboy State is Burgess Junction, an unincorporated area high in the Bighorn Mountains.

Based on statistics compiled by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Burgess Junction averaged 257.8 inches of snowfall over a 20-year period from 1985 to 2015. That's four more feet of snow than the Old Faithful station in Yellowstone, which averages 207.8 inches per year.

The junction is located off US Highway 14, 25 miles outside of Dayton, Wyo. in Sheridan County. At an elevation over 8,000, no season is safe from the elements at Burgess Junction. They average over 4 inches of snow in the month of June.

In spite of the element, it's a popular year-round destination for tourists. The junction is home to the Bighorn National Forest Visitor Center and two resorts, which offer access to hiking, fishing, hunting, skiing and snowmobiling.





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