If you are or plan to be a Yellowstone tourist this year, I have a tiny request. If you could, please don't get this close to our bison. Ever.

I must admit that I really do enjoy seeing our Wyoming wildlife up close. But, I'm hoping that this photographer had an amazing zoom lens when he captured this video. My guess is that he did not since I was able to actually hear the bison snorting while he/she ate grass. Camera microphones don't normally pick up sounds like this when they are mega-zoom devices.

For our Yellowstone tourist photographer friend, here are some bison facts to be aware of as provided by the US Department of the Interior:

  • Bison are the largest land mammals in North America and weigh up to 2,000 pounds
  • Bison have lived in Yellowstone pretty much forever (meaning this is their home and not yours)
  • This bison was likely calm and happy because its tail was swinging. If it was sticking straight up, you would likely be a dead man
  • Bison are fast and can run 35 miles per hour, can swim and jump fences
  • You were 1 second from death if this bison decided it didn't like you

If you would, please read and memorize the Yellowstone National Park safety tips which start out with "never approach animals". Thanks.

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