If there's one constant in Yellowstone National Park, it's change. Ledge Geyser has just reawakened after being dormant for 3 years.

Forbes reported that Ledge Geyser erupted on April 28. Geyser Times recorded this new eruption as being the first since February 25, 2016 which makes this 3 years and 63 days which you already know if you're a math genius.

The comment from the couple (Bill and Carol) that observed this eruption of Ledge was pretty entertaining on the Geyser Times website:

Observed in Steam phase. Main (Red) vent in heavy roaring steam that was heard from parking lot. Valve vent heavily steaming. Jetsum pool full and erupting, up to 1' from the SW side of pool, Pressure pool full to overflow. Having to yell to talk to each other. GO NORRIS!!!

If you've been fortunate enough to be near Steamboat or even Old Faithful when it's in full eruption mode, you know that the sound can be somewhat deafening if you're close.

Back in 2015, Ledge Geyser had a fairly regular eruption cycle of every few days according to Geyser Times. If this new eruption means it's returning to that pattern, you might be able to see some geyser history if you visit Yellowstone this summer.

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