The Wyoming water is finally warming. Time to get under it. Yes, there is scuba diving in Wyoming.

This is not a state that most people think of when they plan a dive, but Wyoming has some of the most interesting places to explore in North America.

The lakes at Jackson and Flaming Gorge are two of the most popular destinations. Both of these waterways offer some of the clearest and cleanest waters to be found. Crisp visibility is not  common in most lakes.

The rocks and caves and underwater cliff walls offer the adventure of exploring, along with canyons and plenty of fish and other marine life to watch.

For those into spearfishing, that is allowed too. Just make sure you picked up the proper licence before you go.

Anyone planning a trip who would like a proper guide to show them the best locations can find several in Wyoming. That come as a surprise to many people, as well.

Lets face it, there is always something new to explore in Wyoming.

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