This week, MSN published a list naming Casper as the most boring town in the Cowboy State. Obviously, they've never been to Gillette.

To set the record straight, we came up with a list of our own, featuring 10 Wyoming towns that are more boring than the Oil City. For the sake of fairness, we only included towns with over 5,000 residents. Which leaves us 17 towns to choose from. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. Gillette - Casper and Gillette have a lot of common. They are both hard-working, blue collar towns with close ties to the mining industry. But Gillette doesn't have a mountain. Advantage = Casper.

2. Rock Springs - There is a lot of natural beauty in Sweetwater County, but it's not in Rock Springs. Advantage = Casper.

3. Green River - Similar to Rock Springs, but prettier, Green River is a quaint, charming town. But the fishing is even better on the Platte. Advantage = Casper.

3. Evanston - This town has two things going for it; it's close to Salt Lake City and it has a liquor store that sells fireworks. That's pretty cool, but not as cool as a Planetarium. Advantage = Casper.

4. Rawlins - Aside from the Wyoming Frontier Prison, the truck stop might be the most exciting place in Rawlins. Advantage = Casper.

5. Torrington - Kind of like of Rawlins, but not as windy. Advantage = Casper.

6. Powell - The Heart Mountain Interpretive Center is one of the most historically significant sites in the state. Powell also has a monastery where monks make coffee. But Casper has our own POW camp and dozens of coffee shops. Advantage = Casper.

7. Douglas - The Wyoming State Fair is fun and the Ayers Natural Bridge is awesome, but Casper has its own fair and the Garden Creek Waterfall. Advantage = Casper.

8. Worland - You can dig for dinosaur bones in Worland and you're close to Bighorns. But Casper also has a dinosaur museum and our mountain is closer. Advantage = Casper.

9. Riverton - The Wind River Canyon ranks among the most beautiful places in the state. Riverton also has a great casino and a rich cultural heritage. But Casper has the Horse Palace and you can gamble there too. Advantage = Casper.

10. Lander - There's a lot of fun things to see and do in Fremont County. Lander has a vibrant downtown, a great local brewery and the Sinks Canyon State Park is stunning. But Casper has a state park too, an ever bigger downtown area, a brewery and a distillery. Advantage = Casper.


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