A 19-year-old woman died Monday night after losing control of her vehicle on a highway in Goshen County.

Regina Fairbanks was not wearing her seatbelt and was fatally injured at the scene, according to a crash report from the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

Per the report, Fairbanks was driving a Jeep westbound on U.S. 26/85 near Torrington and lost control of the vehicle near milepost 98 at 9:05 p.m.. The Jeep swerved hard to the right, began to rotate clockwise, and exited the roadway onto the westbound shoulder in a slide.

With the driver side leading the slide, the Jeep hit a traffic sign and a fence before starting to roll.

As the Jeep began to roll, it hit a utility pole with the driver-side front door and roof area. At that point, the Jeep -- which was still rotating counterclockwise -- rolled once, hit a billboard and came to rest on its wheels.

Investigators are examining possible driver fatigue and cell phone use as potential causes of the crash. The roadway was dry and weather in the area was clear at the time, according to the report.


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