It's not often you find a Wyoming home like this. It's especially rare to find a Wyoming dream house that also includes bears - kinda.

For fun, I did a search on Zillow for all the Wyoming homes that include bears. Shockingly, there are several that have bears in the listings, but this one is by far the most epic. It's located at 3000 N. Riva Ridge in Jackson and it is a real stunner. Just look at a dozen pics of this place.

Bear Mansion

I located this property on the Sotheby's website also. They list the main home at a whopping 13,721 square feet and a total of 118 acres. It comes complete with wet-dry sauna, gym, granite bar, game room, locker room, movie theatre and wine room. From what I can tell, the wine room leads to an annex with an elevator up to the garage.

My favorite part of the entire place is the mention that you will see bears and other wildlife watering themselves in the pond next to the home. If you have touron friends, you could tell them it's a petting zoo and see what happens. Just kidding about that part, but you have to admit it could be entertaining.

If you'd like to see the full details of this home with a current asking price of $33,900,000, my advice would be to go directly to Sotheby's website as it has more details than Zillow.

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