Producer, director and actor, Tyler Perry, has had a home in Jackson, Wyoming for quite some time now, but he shared a hilarious wildlife story that happened on his property during a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Perry told a quick tale of an encounter he had with a huge moose eating one of his favorite chairs.

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What makes this entire encounter even more funny, is the fact the enormous animal decided to stay on his property for a full day, which caused the  world-renowned producer to have to work indoors (apparently the moose took up residence in Tyler's favorite writing spot).

This was not an isolated incident either. Perry has had quite a few encounters with the Wyoming wildlife during his stay on his Jackson property. He has always maintained that the land belongs to the animals. He realizes he's just visiting.

After a safe distance encounter with a bear, he captioned the video:

When I was building this house I thought this will be a great place for me to sit out in my backyard and write, read, and nap. Auhhhhhh!!! This big guy made me rethink all of that. You can have it. You were here first. I’ll read, write, and nap inside. Until you hibernate.

Unlike most non-native Wyomingites, Perry definitely has a respect for the animals as well as the land. Here's to hoping he shares this intelligence with some of the Jackson Hole area's other famous folk.

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