There is an expression: the things you own, own you too. Just because Wyoming doesn't have something, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. The nation is full of things that the Cowboy State is happy without. Like gun control laws, Wyoming residents don't want these things in the state.


State Income Tax

Taxes suck. Wyoming is one of 9 states who do not have a state income tax.


Nurcholis Anhari Lubis, Getty Images

Fire Ants

The Cowboy State has its bugs, but the nasty fire ants are not one of them. These vicious insects can take down small animals. They are tenacious and troublesome. In Wyoming, we don't have any of the nasty things.



Toll Roads

Some cities you have to pay to drive just about anywhere. Thankfully, Wyoming is one of many states that do not have toll roads.




We are going to need a bigger boat, but it is not because of great white sharks. We have plenty of boat worthy waters but no man-eaters. Although, if we did have sharks, I bet plenty of fishermen would target them.




If you've ever lived or visited the south, you know too well the trial and tribulations of humidity. It makes hot weather muggy and unbearable. It makes cold weather bite like snakes. Wyoming, being a semi-arid climate, is dry with low humidity all year long.




Having the lowest population in the nation has many advantages. There are fewer crowds and lines.


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Kathy Griffin

Although we did find 6 Kathy Griffins in the White Pages (those Kathy's are cool,) we are glad the actress is not in the State. Her politics are leftist even to the left. We have to deal with Kanye, so we are just happy Miss Griffin is not in the state.